Biogesic and John Lloyd: “Ingat!”

“Ingat!” is the phrase that made Biogesic memorable to the mind of many Filipino people. Whenever we hear the word, we immediately associate it with Biogesic; and who else made the phrase popular? It’s no other than the versatile and multi-awarded actor John Lloyd Cruz! Biogesic made "John Lloyd and Ingat" a household word.

Because of his tight schedules and being among the most sought-after leading man today, John Lloyd Cruz always sees to it that he has Biogesic in his pocket whenever a headache occurs due to stress, thus no waste of time and “pack-ups” will happen. I heard even during the shooting of his latest Box Office Hit movie with Bea Alonzo, the Miss You Like Crazy, John Lloyd never fails to bring his Biogesic, as well as, recommend it to other staff and crew and artists on the set whenever the situation calls.

What is good with Biogesic that makes it rise among other leading brands is that, one can take it even on an empty stomach – meaning it can be taken even before your breakfast, lunch or dinner and it is safe and effective. Now, John Lloyd is endorsing Biogesic For Kids, which he also believes, is an effective way to help mom’s and children get rid of their headaches even in an empty stomach. “It’s a nice feeling endorsing one of the brands you truly believe in," the celebrity says.

Anyway, Miss You Like Crazy is now on its third week in all cinemas. And to the millions of Filipinos who look up to John Lloyd and eagerly wait for his film and TV projects— including his latest on-screen offering “Miss You Like Crazy”--John Lloyd expresses his gratitude and concern by bidding them all a heartfelt “ Thank you and Ingat!”

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