The ABCs of taurine, lysine, and zinc

Is your child losing appetite, sluggish and lacks the energy of children his age? Do you notice that your child seems shorter in height compared to his playmates? Is your child’s learning ability hampered by poor memory and low attention span? Chances are, your child may be suffering from a deficiency in nutrients that are important for his age.

Hi-Smart multivitamins contains taurine, lysine, and zinc which are three of the most important minerals and amino acids that children need to boost their linear growth and intelligence.

Taurine is an amino acid that helps enhance the development of a child’s brain and nervous system. It is needed for the proper use of potassium, calcium, and sodium in the body.

Taurine is also a key ingredient of bile that is needed for fat digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins as well as for controlling blood cholesterol levels in the body. Taurine is considered to greatly help alleviate a child’s anxiety and hyperactivity. Since taurine hydrates the brain, it also helps improve brain functions.

An essential amino acid and a basic building block of protein, lysine is required for bone and muscle development in children because it assists in calcium absorption and maintenance of a lean body mass.

Zinc, on the other hand, is an important mineral that helps stimulate a child’s growth hormones and supports normal growth and development during childhood and adolescence. Zinc is involved in cellular metabolism, cell proliferation, and enzyme systems that influence cell division.

Vital for the proper sense of taste and smell, zinc also regulates food intake and growth through independent yet well coordinated mechanisms. Thus, a deficiency in zinc significantly affects a child’s appetite and normal growth.

Good sources of taurine, lysine, and zinc include milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, grains, potatoes, meat, and fish. However, children are known for being picky eaters and having poor dietary habits that they often end up eating the “wrong foods”.

Nutritional supplements offer a cost-effective and convenient way for you to provide your child with the adequate amounts of taurine, lysine, and zinc. But it will take the right combination of vitamins and minerals for these to be properly absorbed and used by the body.

To supplement your child’s everyday diet with the right amount and combination of important vitamins and minerals, you can give them Hi-Smart multivitamins. Hi-Smart Multivitamins is packed with TLZ: Taurine, Lysine and Zinc component that can help children grow taller, stronger, and become smarter. Hi-Smart Multivitamins also has B-complex vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, and iron.

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