It's Hot

It's 2 in the afternoon and it is so hot. The temperature reads 44 here. I wanted to swim but our building's pool is not working. I wish we have walk in bath tubs or something where I can float, relax, swim, paddle, bathe, etc.

Though we don't have pool, I'm still looking for fun ways to cool down as summer temperatures heat up.

One (obvious but effective) way to stay cool is to eat fruits and vegetables with high water content. These include leafy lettuces, corn on the cob, cucumbers, watermelon, and summer squash. All contain a significant amount of water that can thin the blood and help your body to release heat.

Your diet should include plenty of fresh juicy seasonal fruits such as oranges, sweet limes, strawberries, grapes, guavas, watermelons, blackberry, banana, papaya, etc. Sprouts, salads, raita, curd rice, sandwiches, etc, along with the fruits, provide all the nutrients needed by the body Particularly Vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins that help build resistance against the colds and fever that are very common during this season. Mangoes and jackfruit, available in plenty during the summer, are rich sources of b-carotene, which is converted into Vitamin A and stored by the body in the liver. Curd is a great summer food as it is cooling, contains proteins in the predigested form and is richer in B-complex vitamins as compared to milk.

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