I hate mirrors

Why do I hate looking at myself in the mirror?

I really hate seeing myself in the mirror. I guess my main problem is, I have very low self-esteem, and a possible distorted body image plus an ugly face with so many acne scars. My acne products are not working.

What I learned in the year of Psychology that I did is that most psychological theories are just that theories and cannot be proved. However, we were told that there are three parts to the self concept:

Self Image - How you see yourself and how you think others see you, not just visually but as a person.
Ideal Self - How you would ideally like to be. This is often influenced by people you look up to in your life.
Self Esteem - How confident you are in yourself and your capability of completingn tasks well.

To me it sounds like my self image isn't close enough to my ideal self. Think about my ideal self, then go out and take yourself a step closer to it in my self image. It may well increase my self esteem and I might not hate the mirror so much.

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