Magkaribal (lit. Rivals) is a Philippine primetime drama about love, fashion, and family which began on June 28, 2010 on ABS-CBN. The show was launched as part of the half-term show line-up by ABS-CBN as a part of its celebration for the 60th Anniversary of Philippine Soap Opera.

The series is the story of two women in the fashion world who discover they are sisters.

Main cast
Bea Alonzo as Angela Abella / Gelai Agustin- Gelai is Victoria's younger sister. She loved designing since she was a kid. When she was kidnapped, she met a boy (Louie). She was adopted by Hermes and Sonia (a poor designer and seamstress). Gelai is also a designer and seamstress.

Gretchen Barretto as Anna Abella / Victoria Valera- Victoria is Gelai's older sister. After she thought Angela was dead , she was orphaned by a wealthy man (Ronaldo). She gets revenge on Vera because of her mother and sister's death. She is an international model and designer. She hates Manuel and seems to have a relationship with Louie.

Derek Ramsay as Louie Villarama - He is Victoria's boyfriend. When he was a kid he helped Gelai escape from the bad men. Carolina was his ex-girlfriend and has to keep his and Victoria's relationship a secret. He is strong & tough as a kid and grown-up. He soon finds out Gelai is Angela. He has fond memories of a chubby little girl named Angela, his only friend when he used to be a street kid. Derek is really in demand now a days. I wonder if he has time for his ab workout.

Erich Gonzales as Chloe Abella - She is Vera and Manuel's adopted daughter. Chloe does everything to please her mother but has never felt loved by Vera only once when Chloe stole Gelai's designs. She will soon develop special feelings for Caloy.

Enchong Dee as Caloy Javier - He is Gelai's best friend but thinks of her as his girlfriend. He's always there for Gelai. An unexpected turn of events will lead him to meeting his perfect match is Chloe.

Angel Aquino as Vera Cruz - As a young international model, she stole Stella's husband (Manuel). Because of Victoria yelling at her without knowing she was pregnant, that baby died and she cannot bore one anymore which caused her to hate Victoria. Vera is a cruel person, even to her adopted daughter Chloe. She became the queen of Philippine fashion.

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