Sex education from medical experts now available online

Website Sexxie.tv gives teens and young adults the chance to seek advice from medical and health professionals for their sexual health questions

Philippines, 06 July 2010 – When teens have burning questions about the birds and the bees that they are afraid to ask, their first stop is usually the Internet. And what they will now find is Sexxie.tv, or Sex Xpert Interactive Education, a newly launched interactive sex education website that will be ready with answers.

Sexxie.tv is a free sex education online service that invites youth to express their views and ideas, share their problems and experiences, participate in discussions and receive valuable information.

They can pose questions through the site’s Medical Butler, a sexual health concierge that will then dispense medical fact sheets, or to chat – real time – with any of the 20 medical doctors, counselors, educators, parents and other industry experts behind the site. They can also browse related articles and videos.

They can also attend webinars on topics like the stages of sexual growth and development (When Boy Meets Girl), sexual transmitted infections (The truth about Sexual Transmitted Infections) and many more. Medical doctors, counselors and other health experts will conduct these webinars weekly.

Primarily targeted at teens and young adults in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia – the webinar series, medical butler and doctors’ chat can be viewed and enjoyed in various languages, including English, Bahasa, Malay and Tagalog. This will enable the audience to reach out and engage in the language they are most comfortable with.

Dr Randy Dellosa, the only Filipino who is both a psychiatrist (M.D.) and a doctor of clinical psychology (Psy.D.), also popularly known as the life coach-psychotherapist of Filipino celebrities, said that the internet actually become one of the primary ways kids search for information about sex.

“"It used to be that kids first learned about sex from peers and school. But not anymore. The internet has become the primary teacher of sex information and values to kids, teens and young adults. Unfortunately, the internet provides a lot of misinformation and inculcates wrong values due to the proliferation of pornographic sites,” he pointed out.

Sexxie.tv then becomes a way for teens and young adults to get factual and research-based information about sex.

“If kids, teens and young adults are going to learn about sex anyway, they might as well get their sex education from a site that offers factual, research-based, culturally-sensitive and values-oriented information which essentially is the advocacy of Sexxie.tv,” said Dellosa.

The site is the brainchild of Dr Wei Siang Yu, a medical doctor from Monash University. Also widely known as Dr Love, he pioneered the world’s first wireless sex education initiative in Europe together with the Dutch Health Promotion Board in 2002. Dr Wei is also the creator of Singapore’s first adult edutainment TV show Love Airways’ that was sponsored by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

“Sexxie.tv can be the hub where doctors and other health professionals can gather together and provide interactive sex education to the public. We hope to make it the default platform where the public, especially the youth, can obtain real-time sex education from the health professionals,” said Dr Wei.

The launch of Sexxie.tv comes against a backdrop of rising incidences of teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted infections and diseases, and sexual abuse. It mirrors trends from other parts of the world, explaining why the call for proper sex education has become progressively louder.

In the Philippines, seven out of every 10 women who are pregnant are teenagers mostly younger than 19. The World Bank reported that the Philippines is among the top ten countries in the world where there is an increasing number of teenage mothers; women’s groups are alarmed by the steady increase.

Statistics also show that every year, approximately 64,000 teenagers in the Philippines have abortions. The numbers are quite alarming considering that abortion is illegal in this Roman Catholic majority country.

Sex education has made a return to schools in Singapore and it is currently being pilot-tested in various parts of the Philippines, though there is currently a debate on whether sex education should be done in schools or in the home.

In this case, Sexxie.tv could supplement school-based and/or home-based sex education. It could also function as an invaluable tool for parents and educators as it makes the knowledge of different experts more accessible.

Dellosa also added that unlike sex education classes and face-to-face counseling sessions, SEXXIE.tv provides interactive education wherein teens and young adults interact with approachable, non-judgmental, responsible and competent sex educators who guarantee confidentiality and that with all the sex-related mishaps occurring in the present generation “Sexxie.tv is the timely and relevant solution.”

To ensure the widest possible reach, the site is linked to multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Questions can also be SMS-ed to Sexxie.tv’s panel of doctors. The top 10 questions for the week will be answered and posted on all Sexxie.tv’s platforms. Sender’s identity will be kept confidential. Blackberry users will also soon be able to connect to a BBDrLove service, which will allow them to chat with Sexxie.tv’s panel of doctors through their Blackberry Messenger service.

The site will also launch a virtual Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic and a Virtual Sex Education Tutorial Room before the end of the year. There are also eventually plans for the site to host news elements, based on reports.

For more information about Sexxie.tv, please visit www.Sexxie.tv or contact: kylie@sexxie.tv or 353-6529 or +63 9217803826.

Www.Sexxie.tv is part of a corporate social responsibility program for the *Dr Love* brand owned by Dr Wei Siang Yu. The *Dr Love* brand has a suite of licensed multi-media channels around the world which includes TV Show Format like "The Dr Love's Super Babymaking Show" which is co-developed with the producer of American Idol, Fremantle Production, "Love Airways", Singapore's highest rated late night TV show sponsored by the Health Promotion Board, radio show "Sex In The Air" which is one of the most popular radio show in Singapore, Dr Love's Column in print and online media which is one of the most read column in print and online media space with more than 50 million hits a year in the region.

Dr Wei graduated as one of the top students at Monash Medical School in 1995 and went against the conventional career path of an honours student to become a medical inventor in the space of digital biocommunication. He gained worldwide recognition in his work on social application of digital biocommunication and became the youngest nominee of CNN People Choice Award in 2003. Dr Wei's work was featured by international media all around the world including Discovery Channel, CNN, BBC, FoxNews, CNBC, ABC, Time, Wired, ZDF German TV, ARTE French TV, Japan TV, Yomiuri Shimbun, Korean SBS TV, Figaro, Asian Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Guardian UK, LA Times, ChannelNewsAsia, Age, Sunday Times UK, Newsweek, Tatler, Bazaar, Marie Claire New York, Glamour Paris etc. Today, Dr Wei is a regular speaker at many medical conferences; he has his own TV and radio shows, magazines, and a host of wireless services. Dr Wei has since worked with many health agencies in the world including the Dutch health promotion board, Singapore health promotion board and many renowned doctors/professors to bring about better reproductive wellness, sexual wellness, and population balance.

Dr Wei is the founder of the world's first borderless healthcare hub, www.flyfreeforhealth.com where the best hospitals and doctors aggregate to provide the best quality healthcare to the world.

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