Acquire Financial Assistance and Give Assistance to Others with Toms Shoe

Whether you are looking for personal financial assistance or have an innate need to give support to others, there are organizations available to aid you in your quests at no cost to you.

While it can be difficult to humble yourself and ask for help, if you are having trouble making ends meet, a charity like Modest Needs can provide you with many different kinds of grants (which you do not have to pay back) to help you pay your rent, mortgage, or heating bills. Understanding the stress that money puts upon you and your family on such a personal level—affecting relationships, functionality, and daily interactions—the goal of this charity is to prevent homelessness and keep people out of poverty. If you are struggling with not having money for food, a program called SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange) allows you to trade volunteer work in exchange for a discount on groceries.

Even if you are fraught with financial worries but want to give charitably to others, you can turn your need for essentials like shoes into an act of altruism. One such retailer, Toms shoes, has a policy to donate one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you buy. What’s more, these shoes reach children worldwide, from cities all over the United States to South Africa, Guatemala, and Haiti, offering better health and the opportunity to attend school. You can conveniently find these shoes at over 500 stores nationwide and online.

So no matter what your personal situation dictates—whether you need help, want to give help or want to do both, you can find easily find resources available that embody the spirit of giving—allowing you to be part of the humanistic cycle of giving and receiving, and garnering the personal gratification of both.
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