How to Save Electricity With Your Home Appliances

Electricity cost is a regular and highly essential component of your monthly budget. When it comes to electricity, the little things that you do matter.

We use home appliances every day. They help us a lot to lighten our work both in the house and in work. How can we use them effectively while using every bit of electricity worthy of its use, no power wasted.

Here are easy yet useful techniques on how you can lower your consumption and, consequently, your electric bill. Tips include choosing energy efficient appliances, ways on how to efficiently use your appliances, and proper cleaning and maintenance of the units.

  • When shopping for a new refrigerator, choose energy efficient models.
  • Choose the refrigerator size appropriate for your household’s needs.
  • Place refrigerators at least 4 inches away from the wall so as not to overwork the motor and to allow efficient heat release from the condenser coils.
  • Allow hot food to cool to room temperature before putting them in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the refrigerator works even harder to bring the temperature down.
Air Conditioner
  • Choosing the right size of air conditioning unit for your room size can help you save on electricity.
  • Check the insulation of your room. Spaces from the windows, doors and the airconditioner installation point may cause cold air to leak or heat to enter the room, making the unit work harder to provide the needed cooling.
  • Don’t place lamps, television and other items, which can be a source of heat near your unit. The thermostat senses the heat given off by these items, causing your unit to run longer than necessary.
  • Choose the appropriate television size suitable for your entertainment needs, taking into consideration units with lower wattage ratings. Bigger television sets would most likely have higher wattage ratings, thus, consume more energy.
  • Replace old TV tube sets with solid-state TV sets because these types use significantly less energy.
  • When your computer or monitor is not in use, turn it off to reduce energy consumption.
  • Replace your old computer monitor with a lcd monitor since it consumes less energy. A typical 17 inches LCD or LED monitor can consume 25 watts to 40 watts compare to a 17 inches CRT monitors which typically consume 80 Watts and up, depending on how detailed is the graphics displayed.
  • Invest in energy-efficient computers and printers which save up to 90% electricity than standard models.
These some of the recommended uses for these appliances. Also read the manufacturer's user guide, it may show you some more advanced tips for saving electricity. Remember the things above you should do above and in the long run you may not aware that you are already saving not just power but money as well. Some of the tips above maybe hard to do the first time, but constant persistent will make it all automatic to you. Print and post reminders for these tips on sections of your house Whatever one always repeat becomes a habit.

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