Picking the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Running shoes may seem like something simple to buy but getting the perfect pair that will enhance performance, yet be comfortable, can be harder than it seems. The first thing to do is find the right store. While a generic store that sells everything from pots and pans to clothing may seem like a fine choice, a store that specializes in shoes will have employees who are trained in finding the right pair of shoes for each person's needs. In fact, some stores will be able to examine your old pair of shoes to see which pair may be the best choice based on the soles and worn spots on your current pair.

Be sure to look for signals that the shoes you are trying on are not the right size. This can be done by looking for outlines of your toes in the shoes. If you see either the smallest toe outlined or your big toe, chances are you may need a larger size. Another way to gauge a new pair is to look at your old pair on a flat surface. Tilting to the outside or inside are indications of needing specific types of shoes. A person with a high arch may see that their running shoes lean toward the outside and those who need a more stable shoe will see them lean toward the inside.

Make sure the store you choose allows you to test out your shoes by walking in them a few minutes to see how comfortable they remain when used. Some will even let you take a jog for a few minutes. At the very least, see what the return policy is and how long you have before your warranty is void. You don't want to invest in a pair of expensive running shoes only to find out that they're not right for you.

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