Writer's block

Ever sit in front of a blank word processing document, cursor blinking on the screen, mind searching for what to do next? If so, you're not alone. Every writer struggles with where to start, how to keep motivated, and where to go next with their work. These challenges are collectively known as "writer's block" - the plight of every aspiring scribe.

Some varieties of writer's block are short-term, while some writer's blocks can be longer. Writer's block can be related to an actual writing project. Maybe the writer needs inspiration, the writing project was not a good idea, or the project is just too difficult for the writer.

Are there any cure for writer's block? Do we need to drink one a day vitamins treat your own writer's block and to improve your overall health.

I tried eating chocolate, taking walks and not doing much writing which I don't think it turned out as successful as I had hoped. I know writer's block is a curable ailment. Whatever you do, DON'T fear your writer's block. You give it too much power if you fear it. Power corrupts. You don't want to corrupt your writer's block, you want it to do its job -- helping you craft the best writing pieces you can.

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