Tips on how to lose weight

Earlier this week, I posted an article on how to lose weight after Christmas and I had a very good feedback about it. Some gave their own thoughts and ideas like oatmeal and fruits for breakfast alternate with wheat bread and egg (hard boiled).

So I decided to make another list on how to lose weight.
1. If you want to lose weight fast, you may try the safest diet pills in the market. Ask your doctors first before taking any diet pills.
2. Eat 1 cup of rice for lunch, no pork, no fat, if possible fish lang (cream dory - yummy) and vegetable
3. Eat vegetables, no rice, for dinner ... for lettuce, use red vinegar for dressing, pepper to add flavor
4. For in between snacks limited to fruits only or wheat bread
5. For fried food, use oil unsaturated fat
6. and the most important part: Daily EXERCISE! non-negotiable minimum of 30 minutes work out ... or 5 kilometers brisk walking (it burns more fat than jogging... promise)

These tips are from my cousin's husband. Thanks Kuya Manny

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