Special Diet Pick Me Up

Trying to lose weight can seriously dent your confidence. Whether you are exercising to tone up or editing your eating with the hope of editing your body, it takes a stark realization that you don't like what you look like to kickstart the movement, and this can be a painful and emotional time. When you feel rubbish you are even more likely to look for comfort in foods such as cookies, chocolate and sweets, so it's important that this mood doesn't last long.

I've got a friend who's been trying to diet on and off for years. She's tried every diet in the book, but as much as she wants to succeed, she never quite does. Some diets just don't work, some have worked short term but are unsustainable, and some have left her in hospital. Recently, she decided to give her diet one last shot; her weigh has a huge amount of influence on her, and she doesn't feel she could be truly happy at her current size.

The target for weight loss had always been the big birthday she has coming up, so she could slip into the a-few-sizes-too-small gown she's already bought. It's been hanging in her bedroom for months, following the instructions of many weight loss experts; instead of inspiring her, however, it's just depressed her, and recently she realized she won't fit the gown in time. We've been shopping for another one, but it's not the same. It's not the amazing gown she wanted; she hasn't got the amazing body she wanted.

I really wasn't sure how to help until I found a special gift perfect for her. As soon as I set eyes on the Mikimoto pearls I knew they were perfect, so utterly stunning they have to make her feel amazing. I plan on giving them to her an hour before the party, and sending her out to sparkle. I can't wait!

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