Combo Healing

Both cough and colds can be really bothersome. And almost always, they come together.

Recently, I suffered from a dry irritating cough and it caused a lot of discomfort, especially in the night and it also deprived me of sleep and rest. So for a quick relief, I usually buy over-the-counter medications.

With so many cough medicine in the market, I prefer syrup-based cough medicine like Benadryl, Bisolvon, Robitussin and Solmux.

But reading Ms. Janette Toral's post on Politics of Cough Medicine: Synthetic versus Herbal Cough Medicine wherein brands attacking each other through advertising created a small debate between me and my husband.

My husband prefers herbal medicine like Ascof Lagundi because he believes that other cough syrups that are made from various mixtures of chemicals may cause harm to you and your children like drowsiness, palpitations, intestinal bleeding, and damaged liver.

Hmm. I think I remember seeing a Lagundi commercial on TV about the side effects of synthetic medicine.

On the other hand, I believe that synthetic medicine  is safe and it helps targeting the disease faster than herbal medicine. I guess Vic Sotto agrees with me.

Who won?

My friend. Why?

I just read on my friend’s Facebook page that her daughter had colds in the morning and now has cough. My friend is really keen on using herbal cough medicine. She combines it with pharmaceutical medicine since both of them have side effects one way or another. So whenever her kids get sick (she has a pre-schooler and a toddler), she takes them to their pediatrician, then to their pulmonologist, then to their naturopathic doctor.  They heal fast because they combine the good effects of natural remedies and the symptomatic treatment of pharma grade cough medicine.

Well, my husband and I tend to agree with that perspective. Whereas it is being advertised that natural medicines are good, they are also expensive. And secondly, it seems that using natural medicines take a long time for a cough to heal. Our observation is that, you have to get worse first before you get any better. On the contrary, regular cough medicines tend to treat symptoms but the underlying reasons for the cough are not treated.

So it is our theory that it is best to combine both treatments so that not only you will heal fast, you eradicate the symptoms as well.

I'm not saying we are correct or not to be affected by these advertisements. But it is still best to consult with your pharmacist or doctor before taking any medicine.

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