Planning to buy a car

My husband and I are planning of buying a second hand car. One of my friends are selling their Honda Civic.

Here are the specs:

-all power
*power steering
*power windows
*power antenna (VTi)
-auto lock/central lock
-customized unique color Green
-super black tint
-EK 1 liner grill
-original JDM carbon fiber plate holder (Japan made)
-customized Honda Primo plate frame
-Civic Ferio badge
-brand new XENON HID 8000k (with warranty)
-original very rare HONDA ACCESS sport chambered muffler (Japan made)
-fog lamps
-Pioneer head unit w/ remote (CD/MP3/iPod ready)
-Type R front lip
-Type R rear bumper lip
-side skirts
-15" racing mags
-original racing light weight lug nuts (Japan made)
-racing pedals
-leather seat covers included
-well maintained
*newly tuned up
*new spark plugs
*newly changed oil (engine/transmission)
*newly replaced timing belt
*newly replaced water pump
*new break pads and break shoes
-very cool A/C
-fuel efficient
-very fresh in/out

What do you think? I hope it still covered by a car insurance. But if not, I'll try to look for an insurance for used vehicles.

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