Dry Ice Blasting - Industrial Cleaning Service Alternative

If there is any activity that both industrial business owners and workers do not look forward to, it is the general cleaning of their factories, manufacturing plants and other similar establishments that use complex machineries, equipment and assembly lines.

Sadly, it is not easy to find a good industrial cleaning service. Some of these companies use high pressure water which seeps into cracks of machinery and cause rust and corrosion, which may lead to major damage. Other companies use cleaning solvents which may not only damage machinery and equipment, these chemicals cause a reaction with other substances within the factory, resulting in the release of toxins into the environment. Some of these toxic byproducts are even potential health hazards to the workers.

Midwest Dry Ice Blasting is not like other industrial cleaning services out there. With the revolutionary technique called “dry ice blasting”, the company utilizes fine dry ice pellets which are fired by a compression gun onto dirty surfaces, cracks and corners of machinery and equipment that need to be cleaned. The extreme cold temperature breaks up the bond between the machine surface and dirt for effective cleaning without fear of scratches and abrasions. Because the dry ice evaporates immediately on impact, there is no fear of any toxic residues accumulating.

Industries that have benefited from dry ice blasting include the plastic mold industry, ethanol factories, and power plants (because dry ice cleaning is not harmful to electrical components). The technique has even been found safe for use in food processing plants.

Midwest Dry Ice Blasting services the cities of Dubuque in Iowa, Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Minneapolis in Minnesota and Sioux Falls in South Dakota. Fore more information about their industrial and commercial cleaning services, visit their website today at www.midwestdryiceblasting.com.

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