Getting Back to Normal When the Holidays Are Over

Do you find that the first week back from holidays is incredibly stressful?

Many people spent most of their time during Holidays running through malls in search of perfect Christmas presents. Some spent countless hours at work wrapping up year-end projects and preparing for the new year. Others planned parties, baked cookies, hosted house guests, defused conflicts between family members and wrote an infinite number of holiday cards. But one thing is for sure, most of us are exhausted after Holidays.  And getting back on track after the holidays is extremely stressful for some.

So, here are some tips for unwinding after the holidays and getting back to a normal routine.
  • Do an after holiday cleaning.
    • Make sure your decorations are stored away for the year
    • Organizing your home will help you get back to your daily routine.
    • Catch up on laundry and make sure that your family has everything they need to start the upcoming school/work week.
  • Have a "ME" time.
    • Go see a movie by yourself.
    • Have a manicure or pedicure, or just take time out to read a good book
    • Play games either board games or online casino games
    • Listen to your favorite music.
    • Grab a cozy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa or tea, and sit down and put your feet up.
    • Take a nice warm bubble bath
  • Have time with your family
    • A quiet dinner with your significant other. Have a glass of wine. Kick off your shoes, play the blues and let go.
    • Do a fun family activity like bowling.
  • Exercise
    • Exercise will help you feel better about yourself and it will also help work off all those yummy holiday treats.
    • Do some yoga.
    • Going to a gym or simple walking is a good relaxation technique.
  • Rest
    • You should get enough rest. This will help you recover more quickly.

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