How To Start a Blog

Many people want to know how to start a blog online these days. So, if you would like to know how to start a blog, make money from it, and possibly even do it while you work at home. Well, there is good news for you. It is easier than ever to do just that and it won't take you much time at all to get the ball rolling.

But before we get into the money making part, you will want to make sure you are blogging about a subject that you are passionate about, or at least have quite a bit of knowledge about. The more passionate you are about the subject, the more believable you come across, which make people trust you and spend their cash. Anybody can start blogs. You can simply go over to WordPress and register 50 of them for free it you want. Not many people know how to start a blog that is profitable, though. It's sad because it is so darn easy once you get used to it. The writing start flowing like water and your advertising dollars starts piling up. You will know how to start a blog that is profitable in no time, on any given subject.

So how to start a blog:
  • Sign up on Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com
  • Then you will have an option to buy your own domain. You may check the domain availability checkfirst before buying one.
  • Choose a subject for your blog. When choosing the subject of your blog, you will want to pick a subject that you are pretty passionate about, especially if you are a beginner. The reason behind this is because picking a subject that you have knowledge in will put you on the fast track to making blog money and, since you know what you are talking about, people will want to come back to your blog on a consistent basis. Once you are a blogging expert, which could take as little as a couple days, you can then branch out into subjects that might be profitable to you, because you will be able to learn them fairly quickly. If you come across like an expert to your readers, they will want to flock back to your blog for your most recent blog post. This is ultimately what you want. Your main source of blog money will come from people that trust you.

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