Fear of Blood

I am hemophobic. What's that? Hemophobic comes from the word hemophobia which means an abnormal fear of blood.

Just the thought or the sight of blood automatically triggers an irrational fear that seems to overpower the individual, psychologically and even physically.

It can produce a host of worrying symptoms such as dizziness, feelings of faintness, a sudden and rapid decrease in blood pressure, palpitations, dry mouth and nausea.

I remember one time when I need to have my blood checked. I almost passed out when I saw the syringe with my blood. I tried to focus my mind to other things like the bovie beside me, but it didn't work. Until the nurse noticed that I was getting pale so she stopped and offered me some water.

I told the nurse that I'm hemophobic. Then she said that hemophobia is also linked with a phobia of needles (trypnophobia) and/or a fear of death (thanatophobia) which really makes sense. I'm afraid of needles and I'm afraid to die.

But she said that there's cure for this phobia. I think I need to consult with a fully trained professional advanced transformational hypnotherapist who has experience in dealing with this phobia

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