Disadvantages of working from home

A month after my husband quit his job, we thought we can survive. But we were wrong. Though we are still earning online, there's something missing. Still, there are some disadvantages from working from home working, you may find you have trouble with:

  • separating home and work life
  • the initial expense of setting up
  • domestic distractions and interruptions
  • isolation/loneliness
  • no social security benefits
  • there will be no paid holidays
  • no paid sick leave
  • Unpredictable. Without a firm employment contract the amount of paid work you receive could vary.
Overall, working from home can offer you freedom and control over your life. If you are lucky, the financial rewards can be high but, many home workers, do such work for the independence it offers.

Think carefully before you fully commit yourself to working from home. If you have a good idea work out a business plan and consider your options.

Jobs are scarce currently and leaving your current position could be a bad move. Still, there is more to life than simply money, and working from home could fulfill your creative ambitions and give you the freedom that you yearn for.

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