Loooong Day

It's 7 in the morning and I'm still awake. Why? It's a long story. My day started 11am yesterday. My husband and I are usually awake in the evening so it's hard for us to wake in the morning. Around 12 in the afternoon, we were on our way to Access the Axis of the English Accent Free Workshop. I'll make a separate post about our experience during the free training.

Anyway, the workshop ended around 6 in the evening. So we decided to attend the KWC bloggers' party where my husband won some gift certificates from their bloggers' karaoke singing contest. I wish they also have some trophies for the winners. But still, it was a fun night courtesy of KWC Philippines.

But our day doesn't end there. We went to Resorts World for my aunties birthday. We arrived at RW around 1am and we went home around 5 in the morning.

So why I'm still awake? Well, after the fun night last night, I still have some work to do today. I need to finish and submit some reports to my clients. Sigh...

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