Fashion? or no fashion?

A fashion police should arrest me! Yesterday, my husband and I attended my friend's wedding. Supposedly, I should wear a black top, cream pants and a cream sandals. But I was worried because some "oldies" doesn't want to see wearing black in a wedding. I though I should wear a bolero or something white but it turned out like I was wearing a Marcus lab coat.

I checked my closet and I saw a light green off-shoulder top. I want it with my white pants, but unfortunately I couldn't find it. So I just stick to my cream pants. I was almost ready when I accidentally stepped on my slippers and SNAP! I broke my sandals and I had no time to have it fixed. My last resort is my silver sandals! hahaha!

During the wedding, I really felt uncomfortable with what I wore but I remember it's my friend's day. I just said to myself that people around me doesn't care of what I'm wearing. And I felt relieve when my husband assures me that I still look beautiful.

So Fashion? or no fashion? I still feel awesome. =)

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