Essential Components of A Photo Booth

My sister and I started a photobooth business called KrazyPix. We started from scratch and we only learn on how to start a photo booth business through online. I will give you a list of all the items you will need to set up a small, functional photo booth.

List of essential components:

1 Camera
1 Light
1 Slave (optional)
1 Stand for light
1 Reflector (optional)
1 background stand
1 roll 5 ft background paper
1 soft box or shoot through umbrella
Photobooth Software
rechargeable aaa batteries or AA Batteries for your camera or flash (if you're using one)
Photo Printer
LCD monitor

Apparently, starting your own photo booth business has need of capital for renting or buying your own equipment. The start-up cost for a photo booth may range from Php 20,000 and more.

Next time I'll teach you how to set up the actual photobooth but for now, if you are looking for photobooth, we provide photo booth services for all kinds of events. KrazyPix PhotoBooth :) Just send me a message here on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/krazypix

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