Bad day

Earlier, my husband and I was supposed to be in Batangas for our wakeboarding trip. However, due to some reasons, we weren't able to go. So we decided to stay at home, watch some movies. After 2 movies, I got bore so I decided to go for a swim, since my mind was already set for wakeboarding.

So when I got into pool, it was freezing cold! The guard told me that the pool heat pump is broken and I had no choice but to swim in a cold water. So I did! But after a couple of minutes, some kids came and kept on running and chasing each other around the pool, which ruined my mood. I just wanted to relax.

My misfortune didn't stop there. When I checked my bank account, I was shocked, I only have less than a hundred pesos and my client didn't deposit his payment. I called him, he said he will deposit it next week! Next week???? How am I supposed to survive for almost 5 days with P80 in my pocket?

It was really such a bad day

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