Electrolux Wash-athon

This typhoon season and advent of climate change, when the need for evacuation centers has been part of our society’s disaster response protocol, Electrolux Philippines is rolling out its Wash-athon clothes donation advocacy campaign in Luzon, Cebu and Mega Manila. This year, Electrolux created the laundry mobile, which will tour Luzon, Cebu and Mega Manila to pick-up the donation and wash the clothes of those who donated. The Electrolux Wash-athon invites people to donate their clothes for the benefit of typhoon victims and other people in need. In return, Electrolux will wash the dirty clothes of those who donated!

In line to this, they launched a blogging contest where bloggers need to share the story of their favorite shirt. Contest duration was August 15 to September 15. I've read some of the entries and they are really great. Some talked about funny tshirts, others talk about how their shirt inspire them and more.

And the culminating event came. As one of the participant, I was also invited. And guess what I won 9th place and I took home an Electrolux stream iron.

So wondering what happened to our shirts? Those donated shirts will be given to the beneficiaries of the Electrolux Wash-athon clothes donation advocacy.

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