Get Glue Stickers

Yay! I received my first set of Getglue stickers today! I've been waiting for them for a month and getting these stickers in the mail is a delight

Stickers are one of the most fun parts of GetGlue! GetGlue is a service that helps you find your next favorite movie, book, music album or other every day thing. GetGlue shows you things that you'll like based on your personal tastes, what your friends like, and what's most popular on GetGlue.

GetGlue is an app that allows you to earn stickers for checking into movies, TV shows, books, games, magazines, and other apps. The more TV shows, etc., you check into, the more stickers you collect. Should you get obsessed — and, once you start, you likely will — it won’t be long before you can expect real versions of the virtual stickers sent your way in the mail.

The GetGlue mobile app is available for download from both the Android Market and Apple's iTunes app store, so better get your wilson cellular booster working and start earning those stickers!

Stickers can be redeemed on your stickers page, which can be reached from the Stickers link from your Profile. For every 20 stickers you unlock, in combination with a 30 day time span since your previous order, you are eligible to request physical copies. A "Mail me my stickers" banner is at the top of that page and provides information on when you can submit a request. When you become eligible a link to "Request your stickers now" will appear. Clicking that link will open the request form.

GetGlue send about 20 stickers at a time, the amount that a lil' old stamp can carry. GetGlue also send what's currently in stock. You should have your stickers in 4 - 6 weeks. Keep an eye on the "Mail me my stickers" banner to know when you can request your next batch!

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