High-Tech Gadgets for Businesses on a Budget on Presta

If you own a business, then you know how tough it is to stay afloat during tough economic times. You need all of the latest high-tech gadgets, like laptops, an iPad, or a TV to keep sales going and to help your employees be productive, but those gadgets also cost money. Just like you run your home, you run your business based on a budget. All of these technology items, even the latest gadgets just released, can be yours — without breaking the company budget.

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In fact, not only can you help the company budget, you just may be able to stretch it a little further. Using a company called Presta, you can lease all of the newest and latest technology items needed to make your business run smoothly and seamlessly.

Here’s How it Works:
• Lease-to-purchase
• Affordable payments
• No long-term commitment
• No interest

Presta really is that simple and straight forward. You can get the newest iPad for your customer service department or a new laptop for PowerPoint displays, today, without a lot of money upfront. All you have to do is pay a lease fee for as long as you have the product. Keep the product, and pay on it, for a year and it’s yours to keep permanently, with no strings attached. Plus, there’s no interest involved. So, while you may be able to easily go out and purchase a new computer or cell phone for business use on a credit card, you’d still be paying interest on that purchase — possibly a high interest rate for a few years. With Presta, there simply is not any interest.

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How Do I Apply?
When you go to Presta’s website, you’ll be able to sign up for an account. You’ll know in a matter of minutes if you qualify.
1. Pick the product you need.
2. Open a Presta account.
3. Your order is shipped.

Yes, the shipping of your order is dependent on qualifying for an account, but you’ll know if you qualify in just a few minutes. Once you quality, payments will be deducted from the credit or debit card account of your choice, on your paydays. If you get paid once a month, payments are deducted once a month. If you get paid twice a month, you’ll have payments deducted twice a month.

What Are You Waiting for?
Now is the time to get the high-tech gadgets and tools you need to run a successful business. You can have all of the equipment you need, while still staying on track with your business budget.

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