Power-folding stroller

I'm looking for a perfect gift for my Godchild. She's only 1 year old and I want to give her something special. While browsing the Internet, I saw a 4moms origami power-folding stroller. It’s a robotic stroller that unfolds like the Autobots getting ready to roll out and has one of the nicest interfaces I’ve ever seen on a stroller. It is one of the lightest standard strollers at only twenty-two pounds, and half the size of any other stroller when folded.

It’s very Eco-friendly too. The stroller is ninety percent recyclable, and the on-board motor recharges itself as you walk. Only three hundred feet will give you a fully charged battery, and that battery operates a lot! Optional features include a cell phone charger and an MP3 adapter and speakers. There is also an LCD display screen that has everything from a speedometer to a thermometer. One of the safety features is an indicator on the screen that tells when there is a baby in the seat; this prevents the stroller from folding when there is a child in it. And this brings us to the main attraction: the one touch fold.

This stroller is the perfect gift for my Godchild.. The problem is, where can I buy this?

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