Law Firms that Fit the Job

There are many different types of lawyers, and each one deals with a specific type of case. It is important for you to find a lawyer who specializes in the kind of case that you need defended. Some law firms specialize in many different types of cases and others have one main focus. Some examples are criminal defense lawyers, DUI and DWI lawyers, and white collar crime lawyers.

Criminal Defense Lawyers
A criminal defense lawyer specializes in the defense of both individuals and companies which are charged with criminal conduct. This type of defense lawyer is often referred to as a public defender. Criminal defenses are the most serious of firms and are in the highest demand.

In the United States, criminal defense lawyers work on cases that deal with issues surrounding an arrest, criminal charges, and criminal investigations. There are many different criminal defense law firms in the United States. Larger criminal defense law firms may specialize in dealing with larger and more serious criminal charges. Someone living in Texas should use a Dallas criminal defense lawyer. It is important to pick the right law firm when trying to find one to defend you in criminal law.

DUI/DWI Lawyers
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Some law firms specialize in cases which pertain to DUIs (driving under the influence) and DWIs (Driving While Intoxicated). This is a serious type of crime, especially if it results in a fatality. In both DUI and DWI cases, the lawyers help defend those charged with operating a motor vehicle while they are impaired due to consumption of drugs or alcohol.

DUI and DWI lawyers have experience with cases of this sort and will know the subtleties of your state’s drunk driving laws. This knowledge can help obtain a reduction or elimination of your charges.

White Collar Crime Lawyers
This type of law firm specializes in corporate crime, such as fraud and embezzlement. People who need a white collar crime lawyer are usually charged in federal court. Penalties for white collar offenses include jail time, fines, restitution, and sometimes home detention. Other types of white collar crimes are antitrust violations, bribery, counterfeiting, forgery, insurance fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.

When choosing a lawyer, it is important to choose a legal practitioner who fits your needs. Make sure you investigate different lawyer options and pick one who is right for your case. There are many different lawyers who specialize in a specific type of law and who have different amounts of experience. Make sure to do your research and find a law firm which fits the job the best.

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