Today is my birthday! And during our mini celebration last night, somebody asked me "What do you wish for your birthday?" Hmmm it took me almost 5 minutes to answer that question since I think I have everything a woman can wish for: a loving husband, loving family, stable work. But I only have one wish and that is to get married in Church.

Earlier this year, my husband and I went to Caleruega (my dream wedding Church). Caleruega is ideal location for my dream wedding, it is also a place to get a perfect view of sunset. Then I'll make sure to get the best photographer in town, raleigh wedding photographer, Since wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your special day. You only get one chance (hopefully) of capturing your wedding day, so it is wise to employ a professional wedding photographer for this important task. =)

And of course, my ultimate wish... is to have a baby.

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