A Sure Fire Way to Increase Your Business Revenue and Your Bottom Line Profits

In the current business climate, one of the few things with a solid market is anything that can directly increase the bottom line for your clients. What can you market that has the greatest possibility of being of increasing your clients' revenue? Expertise and methodology, products and services, positioning and strategies-- all these can be aimed at improving financial results for your clients--these are what is being bought and sold now.

Take the time to fully explore any and all the ways you can contribute to bottom line results for clients. Here's a few ideas.

1) Take a look at the results you promise clients. If it is a list of intangibles, unquantifiable in any way, do some serious reconsideration of that positioning. Not a lot of "fluffy duffy" stuff is currently being purchased. Businesses are cutting to the bone. Money is spent only for clear, guaranteed results. How can you reorient what you do to produce greater revenue for your clients?

You may have to learn some new skills, joint venture with another provider, or creatively combine your offerings in new ways. Do you need to pursue new markets? Are there ways to tweak what you do that addresses needs of another target market or segment?

Often, we have problems with these sorts of repositioning because we have arrived at fixed attitudes and convictions and refuse to budge. These methodologies become "pets", and we fail to adjust to changing conditions, or entertain the necessity of letting go of our fixed notions.

2) Do a serious survey of your market. What do you observe that is selling with high demand and what does that tell you? Sometimes "hot sellers" seem nonsensical, but there is information to be gleaned from this research. WHAT is it that intrigues buyers enough to part with their money? Is it the item itself? Is it the sales methods? Is it perceived value? Does entertainment play a part in purchasing decisions? Are there aspects of this that you can use and adapt--in integrity--that can help your client get better results?

3) How familiar are you with the "crying needs" of your clients? Perhaps you've gotten out of touch as their business grew and changed. Do you need to reconnect meaningfully? Would it be smart to do a needs assessment again with your client and delve deeply into your changing market. Insistence on static delivery of services without acknowledging changing needs is a mistake.

4) You may want to set up time with your absolute best clients--those you'd love to clone if you could. Delve deeply with them about how you could better serve their needs and improve their financial results. This may feel challenging and even threatening, but if you can tolerate the discomfort, you'll come out with exactly the information you need to tailor your business to current and future client needs.

Doing this will obviously increase your bottom line while fattening your clients' financial results. Take the information you get and immediately put it into action. Show responsiveness, and you'll cement your newly invigorated good will. It's OK to start small and to select visible target actions to show that you're listening. Hone in on anything that could instantly increase your clients' financial results. Perhaps it's satisfying a new need. Maybe you can save them time and/or money. Maybe you can tweak your services and make them a perfect fit rather simply offering what they had been purchasing.

5) Stay in touch about their needs as the market fluctuates. You may need to do some intense "hand holding" while the economy roils. Certainly you want to stay abreast of the financial situation of your clients.

6) Hire someone to optimize your online marketing performance and by maximizing the distribution of your products or services. Get a software promotion, this will allow for maximum distribution of your downloadable product or service.

Keep attuned to any way you can help your clients increase their bottom line and YOUR bottom line with flourish.

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