Responsible Pet Ownership Campaign Launched In The Philippines

The Pet Food Institute (PFI), the trade association for the US pet food industry, in collaboration with the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines (VPAP), today announced the roll-out of a public information campaign that seeks to promote proper pet care among Filipino dog and cat owners. Dubbed the Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured Campaign, this effort enables PFI and VPAP to work together in reaching out to pet owners and increase their appreciation for proper feeding practices and giving professional healthcare for their pets. The two industry experts signed the Memorandum of Cooperation today, officially kicking off campaign efforts in the country.

Under the Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured campaign, PFI and VPAP will raise awareness on proper nutrition and regular veterinary care, which are widely recognized as the two key elements in responsible pet ownership. PFI and VPAP will produce informational materials for the public – such as pamphlets on proper pet care –and mounting education workshops for pet owners throughout the year. The campaign will identify relevant associations to partner with, including pet clubs and other groups involved with pet care such as trainers, groomers and US pet food companies.

“We are proud to work with VPAP on this campaign. Together, we aim to help pet owners understand that pets have different nutritional needs from people, and like people, expert veterinary care will promote long and happy lives,” said Kurt Gallagher, PFI’s director of communications and export development. “PFI will help educate pet owners on the benefits of commercially-prepared pet food from the US and ensuring that pets’ complete nutritional needs are met.”

Today, the number of Filipino pet owners is growing significantly each year. VPAP estimates that there is now close to 9 million households across the country with at least one cat or dog. These pets are more than just animals sharing their homes; they are members of the family. As the number of pet dogs and cats in the Philippines has increased, so too have the efforts of the PFI, VPAP and the pet food industry.

“Pets today have a significant place in the lives of Filipinos. As such, veterinarians have an important role to play not just in the care of animals but also in helping pet owners understand how pets should be cared for,” said VPAP President Gabriel Paz. “We look forward to our partnership with PFI to help pet owners realize that pet welfare is not just the absence of animal abuse, but rather the presence of a nurturing environment to raise and care for pets properly.”

Under the Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured campaign, VPAP will serve as the voice of the expert and trusted partner in overall pet healthcare. VPAP will take an advisory role and act as the key resource contact for the campaign.

The Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured campaign will also have a booth at the upcoming 40th VPAP Annual Scientific Conference on June 14 and 15 at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. With its theme, ‘Doktor ng Bayan’ (Everybody’s Doctor), the VPAP conference will talk about veterinarians’ growing socio-economic role in the Philippines.

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