Condo Interior Design Tips

Designing the interiors of a small apartment or condo unit is one of the most exciting yet difficult tasks one has to do after purchasing a unit.

To start decorating bear in mind the following:

Budget – determine how much you are willing to spend. Do you want a fancy couch or an
expensive mattress?

Need – You do not need to display or take out items that you rarely use. Not only does it limit your available space, it will only add clutter to your surroundings.

Space – measure your space before buying furniture to be sure that it will fit You need not put big pieces to accentuate your home. Use appropriate pieces suited for the space available. I remember the first time we decorate our condo unit, we put edge protectors on our furnitures to protect them from breakage, scratches, dents and general damage.

Color – Choose colors that you like. It will create a happy atmosphere for you. But because most condo units have small spaces, bright colors (white, cream and light brown) are ideal to make the room look larger or spacious.

Glass and mirrors. Small spaces looked suffocating. To make rooms look spacious and more breathable, use glasses and mirrors for furniture, partitions and panels. The reflection of mirrors creates an optical illusion of a bigger area while the transparency of glass prevents us from seeing corners and boundaries. Using the same principle, the reflective quality of glossy white tiles, metallic appliances and laminated wood also bring out the same effect.

Pin lights. Placing droplights and chandeliers is ill advised as they are obtrusive of air and view. Also avoid anything that hangs from the ceiling because it would look like cluttered.

Multi-functional areas. Again because of space issues, one ought to optimize the use of the condo by creating multifunctional areas especially for a studio type unit. For instance, one can build a bar which can serve as dining table, a breakfast corner, a comfy place to watch television, or have a drink. One can also have fabricated multipurpose furniture that functions as a divider, TV rack, container and cabinet for different things.

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