How to Maximize Your Chances When Playing the Lotto

Playing the lotto can be exciting and tense. Not only are you playing for large sums of money, but you are also playing against thousands, possibly millions of other people for it. Your odds seem to dwindle as the number of people playing increases. So, how can you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of winning? Below are several tips to help you maximize your chances at winning the lotto.

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Purchase Multiple Tickets 

It is tempting to believe that one single ticket will be your winning chance. However, with the odds against you that single ticket will be overshadowed by millions more. Instead, it’s a great idea to buy more than one ticket. This will give you a better chance at winning. Think of the similarities when you plan your couponing strategy. Don’t you use more than one coupon when shopping? Apply that method to the lottery and make your chances are better.

Play the Numbers You Trust 

Playing past winning numbers is also a good strategy. It helps you find out which numbers frequently show up and have a better chance at scoring. However, you also want to play numbers that you would use. For instance, some people like to use numbers they’ve seen in their dreams, birth dates of their children or numbers from a fortune cookie. Whatever your numbers are, try to incorporate them into your lotto numbers to play.

Using a Lotto Strategy That Works 

Some of the best lotto winning strategies are creative. For instance, buying tickets with random numbers seems a little unorthodox, but the winning numbers come at random anyway. There is always a chance that your random selection of numbers will show up. Additionally, buying tickets with nothing but random numbers is the easiest way to get your lines of numbers without having to select numbers based on superstition or chance.

Stick With the Same Numbers 

It is tempting to consistently choose various numbers and make up combinations of lotto numbers with the hopes of winning. However, sometimes it’s best just to keep playing the same numbers you’ve played in the past. This isn’t to say buying more tickets with other numbers is not useful, but keeping that one set of particularly same numbers can help you. Additionally, you can combine your same numbers with a set of random numbers to increase your chances. 

Try some of these ideas the next time you go to pick up lottery numbers. It also helps to have a little luck when getting your numbers. So, keep your fingers crossed.

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