Make Money With Your Website Exit Traffic

Blogging has become one of the more popular facets of the internet. Some blog for personal journal, some blog about current events, hobbies, and other blog for money.

Those who blog to earn extra money monetize their site by adding some ad zones or ad units somewhere on the sidebar or in content that takes the form of a text link or a clickable banner image, which will earn them money per impression (views) or clicks on these ads.

But accept the fact that no matter how well you have crafted article, visitors will eventually leave your site by hitting the x or back button.

The question is, are you making money from this exit traffic?

CPALead or more recently recognized as MonetizeDigital allows website publishers to monetize traffic as it leaves their sites using their "The Exit Traffic Tool"

So when a user navigates away from your page, they will now be presented with the opportunity to interact with the tool. When a user successfully does so, they will generate revenue.

CPAlead Exit Traffic tool can earn you average of $2.00 per survey/download/trial offers completed.

Give it a try today and find out first-hand just how great an option The Exit Traffic Tool is!

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