Need for Efficient A/C Specialists

Summer has ended but our country's weather is very unpredictable; the sun is up and scorching hot! So my husband decided to turn on the air conditioner but to realized that it is not working. He called the air conditioner specialist and promised to come over after an hour. We waited and we waited... After 2 hours, my husband called the specialist again but he was advised that the specialist is already on his way. 

After 3 hours of waiting, the mechanic/specialist knocked on our door and checked our a/c. He tried turning on and off the a/c. He also tried unplugging and plugging the unit but still not working. By the time he decided to open the unit, he realized that he forgot his tools. So he need to go back to their office and grab his tools. That will take him another hour!!

We are really disappointed with the specialist. How I wish the aircon specialists in our country are as efficient and reliable like the air conditioning Montreal specialists.

I remember when my cousin was in Canada, she had some problem with her air conditioner, she called an a/c or refrigeration Montreal specialist listed in her phonebook. In less than 10 minutes, the specialist was already knocking on her door. She said the specialist has a service truck that is equipped with tools and parts. I think it's a good idea to have these services trucks to reduce the time to repair equipments and thereby the period of discomfort or downtime.

I do hope our air conditioner specialists will develop a process like the one in Montreal.

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