CLICK ADS & EARN minimum of 3,000/month

Get paid to view advertisements! As a member, you'll get paid for each click that you generate by browsing sponsor's ads. It offers all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting.

You must Register your PTC account first before attending our Orientation.

Step 1. Create an E-mail account (much better to use GMail account)
Step 2. Go to ADsZENs and click "Register"

Purchase PTC/Binary package for PhP1,500 and get the following items.
  1. Executive Diamond PTC - 300 alloted clicks @ Php10/click ($0.20); 10 ads daily.
  2. 5pcs. Scalar Energy Sticker
  3. Php5,000 worth Adszens Gift Checque valid for 1 month. (50% cash/50% GC on product purchases)
  4. 1 Binary account = could earn you direct/pairing bonuses
  5. 1 Matrix account after encashment, comes with 1 Matrix product.

* needs monthly maintenance and you'll get another set of the above benefits.

PTC-Diamond Auto-deduction per Account: PhP 3000 - PhP 1,500 (for renewal) + Maintenance PhP 375 (for matrix) = PhP 1,125 less 10%Tax = Income after a month per account is PhP 1,012.50

You can have MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: (one time investment - fixed income)

P4,500   (3 accounts)   P1,012.50 x 3  = P3,037.50 per month
P10,500 (7 accounts)   P1,012.50 x 7  = P7,087.50 per month
P22,500 (15 accounts) P1,012.50 x 15 = P15,187.50 per month
P46,500 (31 accounts) P1,012.50 x 31 = P31,387.50 per month

PAYOUT is done every 15th of the month.
Sample: Credits gathered from July 1 to July 31 can be earned on August 15th.

  • Is a Direct Selling and ONLINE Classified ads Network Marketing firm that offers individual an opportunity to start a sustainable, long term business by providing people with high value market products for good health and general well being.
  • The company was organized and managed by well experienced group of people who are very eager to provide high quality products to our consumers as well as to offer the best income potentials for those who join in our business.

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