Hong Kong, Here We Come

From November 7 to 10, my mom and I will be in Hong Kong for a budgeted vacation. Well, actually, it wasn't planned at all. We thought that it will be a great escape from all the troubles and stress we have here in the Philippines.

Anyway, I'm not sure if you'll believe me that my pocket money for this trip is Php 5,000 or around $121 only. How will I survive Hong Kong? That's also my question =D

I have no plans on going to Disneyland, since I was there last year. I guess my mom and I will just go to Mongkok for some shopping, then maybe, Avenue of the Stars, then some mall hopping. Oh, I need to dropby to Causeway bay to buy a dovo straight razor for my husband. He just want that for a pasalubong =D

So will I survive Hong Kong or not? I'll tell you soon. But for now, I need pack my my clothes and some cup noodles =D

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