Customized Poster Perfect for Christmas

Buying Christmas gifts for your sister, sister in law to be, or sister in law is a piece of cake, but for others it may be a little trickier.

I remember last year, I helped a friend look for the perfect gift for her sister in law (SIL). Since my friend likes to give a unique present to her SIL, we did a little research and investigative work. We learned that her SIL collects posters of her favorite band. So instead of going to the mall, we decided to create a personalized poster.

Band photos, poster printers and [custom poster frames] are some of the materials we used. Oh also, we used photoshop to add creativity to the photos which made them personalized. If you don't have poster printers, you can always check Shortrunposters.com.

With Shortrunposters.com, you can create custom printed posters online in 5 easy steps:

1. Create an Account
2. Choose Size + Options
3. Upload your file
4. Pick Shipping Options
5. Enjoy your personalized posters.

You can also turn your great images into stunning large format posters with our easy to use web interface. Have a look at the products here and see other various services they offer like lamination, mounting and calendar slides for all your hanging needs.

Shortrunposters.com offer the web's cheapest 18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster sizes, so my friend ordered 2 posters: Full color 18x24 posters for just $2.97 each and 24" x 36" posters starting at just $15.97!

Anyway, her sister in law loves the posters. Well, according to her SIL, it was the best gift she received that year. And she's requesting another set of posters for this year.

My point is your gift doesn't need to be expensive as long as you know what she wants and of course, if it comes from the heart. Like saying goes "The best gifts come from the heart, not from the store." =D

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