How to Enjoy an Entire Festival Without Missing a Minute Utilizing 4 Devices

The key to enjoying a festival is to take enough stuff to make it convenient but not so much that you spend the entire time lugging weight and not enjoying the activities. Instead of burdening yourself with things that you can buy there (food, drinks, ice), pack these devices, which help you make the most of your time and let you relive those great memories again later.

1. Spring for a Digital Camera

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You may be tempted to leave the camera at home and depend on your smartphone. This isn't a good strategy because digital cameras store more photos and usually take higher resolution (better quality) photos. What happens if you run out of memory on your smartphone halfway through the event?

Take a digital camera instead and bring an extra memory card or two. Then you can take photos of all the acts, pictures of you and your friends and even have room for a snapshot of the funny drunk guy passed out by the concession stand.

2. Pack a Pocket-Sized Video or Audio Recorder

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At the festival, you'll likely encounter some new and upcoming acts you've never heard of. For instance, when you purchase Identity Festival tickets, there are likely tons of new and interesting performers listed in the schedule. Remembering all their names and the songs they played is going to be next to impossible a few days later.

Recorders let you film their act, especially the band introductions, for later research. Recorders also let members of your group split up and see different performances and then share everything when you're back together later.

3. Sport a Smartphone With Weather App


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Just because your bringing a camera and recorder along doesn't mean you don't need your smartphone. Weather forecasts can change quickly during a two or three-day festival. You probably won't have access to a radio or TV most of the time, but a weather app keeps you posted on what to expect. This is especially important if you live in parts of the country subject to severe weather outbreaks.

4. Walkie Talkies Make Good Wingmen

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If you've got your smartphone, why would you need walkie talkies? Well, for two reasons. First, you may not be able to hear a smartphone ring in the crowd, especially when the music is playing. Second, you can't always depend on getting a signal. Walkie talkies are loud enough to get someone's attention even in a noisy environment, and you never have to worry about losing the signal. This is great for giving group members a heads up about interesting acts, making plans for meeting up to eat and especially if someone in the group has an emergency.

Other tips for making the most out of your festival experience:
  • Watch your alcohol intake.
  • Set definite times to meet up with group members.
  • Stay hydrated and use sunscreen.
  • Don't over stress about your schedule.
  • Keep a festival map with you at all times.
Nothing ruins the fun faster than getting sick or losing a group member. Keep safety first. Also, if you're schedule is too tight, you'll have no time for the most fun part - which is finding new acts you've never heard of. With the right devices and some sensible decisions, your festival experience will be fabulous.

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