Venturing Into the Restaurant Business

Venturing into the food industry is a challenging and daunting task. The rewards and profits have huge potential but the start-up is a long process. It requires a lot of research, planning and organization to make the launch a success.

After determining a location, you will next need to consider business structure, target market, funds, and other expenses. Restaurant equipment and supplies will be one of the biggest expenses incurred during start-up. Selection of restaurant equipment and supplies depends on the type of restaurant you will be opening—different kinds of restaurants require different kinds of equipment.

The basic necessities for your culinary equipment and supplies can be categorized as follows:
  • Refrigeration and Ice
  • Cooking and Beverage
  • Bar
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen and Food Preparation
  • Bakeware and Cookware
  • Catering and Buffet
  • Furniture and Signs
  • Janitorial
  • Warewashing and shelving
Restaurant equipment and supplies include products that are needed for food preparation, preservation, storage and consumption. To function competently and efficiently, restaurants require good management and adequate supplies and equipment. Supplies such as refrigerators, food processors, dishwashers and cutlery need to be maintained and repaired regularly. This will prevent sudden equipment breakdowns that can cause spoilage and result in losses.

Once you have acquired quality restaurant equipment and supplies, your staff should be trained on how to operate, maintain and clean everything. Minor repair techniques should also be taught. Even though restaurant equipment is considered to be top-of-the-line, it will always be subject to wear and tear, given its operation and daily usage.

Purchasing culinary equipment and supplies also depends on the specific theme of your restaurant. It should match with your specific décor, lighting and furnishings. Restaurant equipment and supplies make work better for employees, while the décor and furnishings should be pleasing to your customers. Also, you always want to try to attract new customers.

Choosing the ideal restaurant equipment and supplies is a complex process. The best way to start looking for equipment is to visit restaurant supply stores on the web. Anybody can check out online dealers to see what they have to offer and from there, compare prices. Window and comparison shopping is easier to do online. You can also check out forums where consumers leave feedback on specific suppliers. Once you have a shortlist on the companies you’re interested in, you can send them an e-mail or call them and request a meeting or a more comprehensive catalog. Make sure to see at least three different suppliers before making your choice.

About the Author: Martha Blythe has been researching Restaurant Equipment and Supplies since a family member decided to venture into the business.

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