Wedding Preparation

These past weeks, my sister and I were busy preparing for her wedding. Last Monday, we went to Tutuban Mall to look for a wedding dress, then we checked some bridesmaids dresses at 168 mall. We saw this infinity dress or convertible dress that can easily transform your dress to a different look. You can wrap and twist it over 100 different ways! And it's only Php 800.00, very affordable. A check mark for the bridesmaid dresses!

The next day, we went to Quiapo to look for their wedding rings. My sister prefers a diamond wedding band while his husband likes the plain one. Hmmm but if they asked me, I'll choose the on with diamond =D

By next week, I think they are already scheduled for dress fitting! Wooh! Preparing for a wedding is pretty tiring but totally worth it!

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