Parental Control & Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Internet is a valuable source of information and a massive learning tool for everyone. But as far as young children are concerned, the risks of the internet highways may outweigh the benefits. Like the other day, I saw my nephew browsing some cigar auction sites. He told me that he was just playing some games on Facebook and an advertisement popped up telling him that he won an iPad.

Here are some of the Parental Control Tips that young children should follow when they are online.. If they follow these rules no one can harm them through the internet.

1. Children should always tell their parents if they receive any kind of strange message that is scary.

2. Children should never use their real name unless they are 100% sure who the person they are giving their name really is. Instead they should use a nickname.

3. Children should never Tell anyone their passwords or login information or other sensitive information like Phone numbers, school name, family name, address etc. They should never tell their age to an online stranger.

4. Children should never agree to meet a stranger live.

5. Children should never send their photographs to a stranger over the internet.

6. Children should not accept friend requests from strangers.

Remember, real kids need real friends. The Internet plays an important role in our kids lives today but it should never become a substitute for live friendships. Be wary if your children are developing Internet relationships without balancing that with real live friendships.

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