Who is Scott Reiman?

Some of the leading investment companies and businesses still operate from a small family office. One of the better examples of this is Hexagon, Inc, a private investment firm that was founded by Scott Reiman in 1992. He has served as President ever since. Reiman started out as a young graduate in 1987 with a BSBA in Business Administration and Finance. 

Today he owns one of the most prestigious and successful private investment firms in the country. Hexagon Inc mainly invests in real estate, venture capital, private equity, gas and oil. In doing so, the company has remained strong throughout two decades and continues to be one of the best investment firms in America. When you think of company founders and CEOs, you also think of private jets, luxurious vacations and corporate irresponsibility to some degree. 

However, Reiman has led a different sort of life. While still being the President of Hexagon, he has taken on other responsibilities in his hometown of Denver including charities, art organizations and education. He is a member of the board of trustees for the University of Denver since 1999. 

In addition, he is the Director of ACE scholarships, Denver Scholarship Foundation, Graland Country Day School, American Transplant Foundation, The Denver Art Museum and Alliance for Choice in Education. Reiman has also helped with other companies such as Prospect Global Operating Company and Pioner Natural Resources Co. Hexagon wouldn't be the company that it is today without the guidance of Reiman. 

Through his leadership and financial investments, he has managed to make the family company one of the most successful investment firms in America. It's this kind of dedication that will be remembered as Hexagon Inc. moves forward with new investments and venture capital. Reiman continues to be a beacon of light for the City of Denver and also is the Managing Director of Reiman Foundation, a charity organization in his hometown. Through his position on many civic boards and education organizations, he has also helped future generations of Denver to become bright and successful professionals. Reiman continues to live in Denver with his family.

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