Real Estate Agents in the Dallas

Real estate agents in the Dallas area are scrambling to keep up with home sales in the area, yet many see that the industry is changing significantly. Internet dominance has changed the way people shop and purchase real estate, causing Dallas realtors to adjust to the changing industry.

Housing Sales Prices Up

In North Texas neighborhoods, housing sales and prices have risen by double digits over the past few months, like many major cities across the country. In fact, the demand for homes in the Dallas area has caused some agents to bypass traditional listing services and market them off the major listings. These off-MLS listings, known as “friendly pocket” listings are increasing in the area and around the country, with more than 30 percent of agents using friendly pocket listings with the seller’s permission. These types of listings control property marketing and increase buyer interest.

Use of the Internet

Real estate agents were originally slow to recognize the power of the internet and technology, but now agents are embracing the power that comes with technological advances. Real estate agents are now able to interpret data for a consumer and explain that data through websites, blogs, social media and even mobile apps available specifically for the real estate market. According to Trulia, the average consumer spends 18 months online searching for houses before they contact a sales professional, making internet contact critical to the success of the real estate agent.

Buyers and Sellers Need Agents

Although there is a lot of information available online and through mobile apps regarding the real estate market, buyers and sellers still need real estate agents due to the complexity of the real estate world. By embracing technology, such as mobile apps and websites, real estate agents can reach a larger customer base and provide valuable information, but the consumer must always understand that the agent’s main purpose is to guide them through the complicated process with minimal problems.

Real estate agents who invest in more mobile marketing technology and who embrace the advent of technology in the real estate world will be far better served than those who are reluctant to delve into those areas. By focusing on how consumers are getting information and tapping into those areas, real estate agents in the Dallas area will continue to thrive.

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