Direct Sales, Is it for you?

Choosing to work in direct sales is a big commitment, and perhaps a bit risky, because you are entirely self-directed, which means that it's up to you to generate income. Of course, if you're reading this chances are you're experienced and well-versed in the sales field, and you have found that you're very good at generating sales. If this is the case, then who needs the 9 to 5 with its accompanying set hourly wage when you can simply make as much or as little as you want in the hours that you set yourself?

When beginning your own direct sales business, consider on getting tips from the pros. Thanks to the internet there are a multitude of ways you can connect with company. You can follow Cydcor on Twitter, for example, or subscribe to your favorite direct sales how-to blog's email newsletter. Or you can do all of the above: follow your favorite direct sales companies via their social media accounts and blogs, and you'll never miss a single tip.

You'll also want to set a schedule. Even with direct sales, it's important to keep yourself on-task and motivated. Use a calendar or a planner, and have a clock at your desk that will help you keep track of time spent working on pitches and generating sales. Give yourself breaks, too - even hard working self-employed people deserve a lunch break, or the chance to stretch their legs!

In addition to maintaining focus and keeping up with the latest tips and ideas from the pros, here are five additional tips to help you make the most of direct sales:

Create a Facebook presence. It's fine to use your personal Facebook page to help you sell your products, but if you want to come across as professional and serious about your sales, you'll want to have a separate, distinguishable Facebook page that represents your business. Facebook pages are great because they're easy to set up, and you can easily brand yourself with an identifying logo or cover art. Plus, you can easily cross-post promotional messages between both your personal profile and your business page.

Create a Facebook group.Worth of mouth advertising is fairly influential, but even more influential is the support and purchasing encouragement a group of happy customers can offer you, and each other. If you sell products that may be enjoyed by a group -- such as the candles with the gems found in them, or weight loss products -- consider setting up an invite-only group, where existing customers can come together to talk about their purchase satisfaction. Open the groups at random times for potential customers to check out - they will most likely be motivated to make a purchase based on what your existing customers have had to say about you.

Target your market. Direct sales isn't effective because of mass marketing, it's effective because of careful audience targeting. Take the time to figure out what it is about your products that people will like, and then figure out the people who would like them the most. Weight loss products, for example, would be most interesting to women in their 30s and 40s, and particularly during the post-holiday months, before springtime has officially hit. Learn what your market wants and then target them accordingly.

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