Communication on Survey Projects

When doing a resistivity survey, there are many important parts of the project to consider, such as setting up all of the equipment correctly, tracking your results and making notes of those results so that they can be studied more at a later date. One thing that people often do not think too much about, though, is communication. It is just as important as any other aspect of the project, and it has to be facilitated from the beginning to the end. If you would like to learn more, you can visit AGIUSA.com or you can simply keep reading.

One example of the communication that is needed is that some resistivity sensors have wireless Internet capabilities. You can use wifi to transmit the data that you have collected to local computers, other surveyors or all the way back to the office. This gives you instantaneous communication so that those in the office can look at the results and tell you what types of things you may want to look for going forward. Being able to do this on the fly allows you to check on those aspects of the project right away, rather than having to come back and do it on a different day.

On the project itself, your team needs to have excellent communication skills to make sure that everyone is always on the same page. If half of the team thinks that one section of the grid has already been surveyed and the other half does not, there could be some confusion about what to do next. Two teams could spend their time going over the exact same area and getting the same results, which is a waste of time and resources. Some areas could be skipped if people think that others surveyed them when no one really did. Communication lapses can lead to incomplete or inaccurate results, and they could nullify all of the work that you did and the results that you got.

The best way to make sure that things work out is to have a team leader who can facilitate communication with all of the different groups or teams on the project. It does not matter if you use cell phones, radios, wifi devices or anything else. No matter how you choose to communicate, the team leader has to be the focus, passing messages back and forth and helping to keep everyone in touch with each other.

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