Lose Weight Without Having to Starve!

Everyone at some point has tried some form of weight loss program or diet that you were never too sure about to begin with. Whether it was some form of starving yourself to not get the calories that you needed, or trying some foreign methods, not all techniques work on every body type. Fortunately, there is a method that will allow you to maintain a healthy diet without starving yourself, and slim down to the size that you’ve always wanted!

How to Perform This Weight Loss Method
Most dieting programs have us believe that if we cut out carbs and calories from our diet that we will be able to lose weight and get that beach body that we’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, like Margot Micallef, would agree, the sad truth of this is that it does more harm than good. By hitting the brakes on our caloric intake, it does much more harm to our body than we can imagine, and sometimes it is hard to bounce back from.

A relatively easy strategy that will help us eliminate fat is by making simple changes in our diet. Switching to low fat cheeses, leaner meats and cutting fat from our cooking will make leaps in bounds in our diet and will lead to a safer method of weight loss. It goes to show that cutting carbs and calories out of our diet completely is not safe, and has been known to hinder than help. Like Margot Micallef said play it safe and make small adjustments that will allow you to enjoy the foods you always have, but healthier!

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