6 Ways to Keep a Senior Horse Healthy and Happy

Horses have a way of becoming another member of the extended family. Their individual personalities and love of people give them value far beyond dollar signs. Below are six ways you can help your senior horse stay happy and healthy in their golden years.

Regular Veterinary Checks and Teeth Care

An aging horse needs to have a health check more frequently than a younger horse. The vet can give you a good idea of their overall health and the parameters you should stay in as far as exercise goes. They can recommend and special dietary supplements if needed. The teeth should be floated once a year to ensure they can properly chew and digest their food.

Tolerable Exercise

There are some basic groundwork and longeing can help keep the heart and muscles of a senior horse in good shape. Always add a decent amount of relaxed walking for proper cool down and enjoyment. Let them loose in the pasture to kick up their heels often.

Daily Attention

You should always pay your senior horse a visit in the morning and spend some quality time. This is the best time to notice any behavioral changes, or if they seem off in their appetite. These are first signs of possible illness. Take any concerns to your veterinarian for advice.

Pasture Buddies

Horses are herd animals. They enjoy the company of other horses. This is not something that diminishes as the horse ages. You may want to adopt another senior horse to have as a pasture buddy for your current resident. Younger horses are fine but monitor that they are not being too ornery and bossy with the senior.

Balanced Diet

It is more important than ever that senior horses get a balanced diet that includes plenty of roughage. Some aging horses have a hard time maintaining weight. Check with your veterinarian if they begin to lose weight at a pace that seems abnormal.

Check Hydration Levels

All horses need to stay properly hydrated. You can check their hydration levels by inspecting the gums and amount of saliva in the mouth. Keep plenty of cool drinking water that is easy for the senior horse to access. Horses will tend to quit drinking water that has been warmed by the sun. Keep a supply of water in a shaded area.

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