Set for Success

Starting a small business can be a big undertaking, but a few basic fundamentals will help you go down the road to success. Things like the layout of your retail space, curb appeal, and employee training may seem cut and dry, but there are ways to tackle these issues in a positive light that ensures success.

Store Layout

You want people to locate what they need quickly, but you also want them to browse. Have trendy items where you first walk in. Set up your POS service from companies like Triniti Touch in the middle of the store so customers have to walk further in to pay. Use brightly colored displays to draw their attention to the back of the room.

A Friendly Staff

Be sure to include customer service in your training classes. You want a staff that not only knows how to do the basics but how to please the clients as well. Stress to them that a smile and friendly greeting is very important. Teach them to offer help without being over bearing, and encourage them to go the extra mile whenever possible.

Curb Appeal

It won’t matter how your retail space is arranged or how great your staff is if potential customers don’t want to come in. Make sure that the front of your business is clean and welcoming. Wiping windows, cleaning glass doors, and sweep the entrance way should be a part of the daily activities. Use plants and welcome mats to add a homey feel that people will want to embrace, and keep the parking area free from debris..

Setting up your retail space in a way that encourages people to come in and browse will increase sales while a friendly and helpful staff will keep them coming back. Of course the outside of your business needs to be appealing as well or no one will venture in. Tackling each of these important issues will ensure that you are well on your way to success.

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