Exploring Your Job Opportunities in the Blue Collar World

Sitting behind a desk all day at an administration type of job is not for everyone. Searching for a blue collar job is nothing to feel ashamed of. These workers are the people that keep our homes running smoothly, deliver everything we use, and make us feel special when we need it the most. Whether you are just starting out in life or simply need a change, take a look at these job opportunities.


Construction jobs are not limited to the people that work on the roads. Many skilled professionals fall under this category such as electricians and welders. When considering a job in this field, realize that you may need formal training and that your days could be spent facing the elements. You’ll need layers in the winter, and gear like an air cooling vest from retailers like Climatech Safety to make summers bearable.


The delivery service field encompasses a variety of jobs ranging from local package delivery to driving a semi across the country. Local delivery people enjoy working close to home while over the road jobs may keep you away for days at a time. The reward is a good paying job with benefits.

Service and Entertainment

The service and entertainment field is often referred to as the pink collar jobs. This is because they don’t fall under the title of office work, but they aren’t necessarily as physical as many other blue collar careers. Jobs include things like wait staff, sales associates, and customer service specialists. If you enjoy working with people, this might be the perfect career path for you to follow.
Blue collar work is nothing to laugh at. These occupations require skills and talent that deserve respect. If you are tired of the nine to five life spent behind a desk, consider one of these occupations for the next phase of your life. It just might turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

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